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For professional football training in London 

Do you want your children to improve their football skills? Book a session with a professional football trainer at Socalogy and see the difference. 
professional football training

A wide range of sessions for toddlers 

The sooner children start learning football skills the better they will perform as adult players. At Socalogy, we focus on the inherent talent of the learners and help them achieve new skills through step-by-step training sessions. 

Whether your children need a beginners’ course or some extra training to join a professional football club in London or elsewhere, we can help. 
Book a one to one session
Football sessions for toddlers

We focus on the following points during our football training session:

  • Speed 
  • Agility 
  • Technical training 
Toddler football training
football training session
Here at Socalogy we have a wide range of links in football that has been built up over a long period of time, from premiership football clubs such as Westham and Chelsea, all the way down to the lower leagues and semi professional clubs. We can even assist in finding your child an amateur club, we will try our very best to get your son or daughter a trail on professional football club or scout to watch them in action at their local club once they are ready. Please contact us today to find out more info. 

Head Coach Dee Okojie in action

Dee Okojie former professional footballer. I have spent many years playing at various different football clubs in different counties. I spent some time playing at Chelsea fc, Wycombe wanderers, AS Bari and some semi professional clubs.

I have had many ups and downs during my journey and have been passing on all my knowledge and skills acquired during my time playing. I am really well placed to give young and older players not just coaching but advise from what to do on trails to what jokes to say to managers.

Football is the best sport in the world and we offer everything from coaching to recovery and even the mental side to playing. Whether you're playing in the park or school, maybe your at an academy or a professional football club, we are here to help.
Call us on
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for detailed information about our fees and coaching sessions by a professional football trainer. 

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